Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Open, Digital, Networked: The scholarship in the 21st century!

#Change11 MOOC ( open online course) keeps going well with good discussions and facilitators each week but for me it’s an unfortunate, due to being very busy with my research, that I cannot participate in the activities and in many live sessions. However, I am trying to follow the weekly activities at least on Twitter, Facebook Group and live session as much as I can.
The week three of the course was with Martin Weller from the Open University UK about “Digital Scholarship”.  (Here is the recording of the session).
He has been researching and talking on this topic for years and recently he has published a book on it entitles: The Digital Scholar: how technology is transforming scholarly practices  
The argument is that how new emerging digital technologies have enabled us to form a kind of scholarship (learning, teaching, collaborating, creating contents, sharing …) which is open, digital and networked. I really like these three words: open, digital, networked. In my research I am also investigating open, digital and networked learning. That’s the reason this kind of learning and scholarship is my personal and professional convictions!  
Although, there is a debate on this that how these technologies have changed or could transform our academic practices and traditional teaching-studying-learning processes? How their impact on our today’s scholarship is really feasible? It was also debate on digital and traditional scholarship between Weller and Antonio Dias de Figueiredo in Ed-Media 2012 conference in Lisbon.  
Here in his blog Weller talks about how digital scholarship can also change the way we do research or at least has the potential to alter the way we conduct research and to add some new tools to the toolbox.