Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Global Education Conference ( free & online)

Last week from 15 - 19 Nov. 2010, the "2010 Global Education Conference" was held online and free! It was  totally an online conference and all sessions were presented on Elluminate platform. I participated in some sessions ( as many as my schedule allowed me) which I enjoyed some of them.

I personally like the idea of having such a worldwide online conference which brings all interested people from all over the world together in such an online environment to discuss about global education issues. The organizers explained the conference "collaborative and world-wide community effort to significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting education activities. Our goal is to help you make connections with other educators and students, and for this reason the conference is very inclusive and also is provides broad opportunities for participating and presenting."

 It was free and just on your desktop to join and no travel or money were needed! With the fact that it is not easy to organize such a big online conference but, in my opinion, it was well-organized  with good moderators and all sessions were on time except few which presenters didn't show up!

All presentations were recorded which are available here.

Here is the  "The Global Education Collaborative",  the official social network of the Global Education Conference if anybody interested in joining the network.