Saturday, November 06, 2010

AECT Conference 2010 in Anaheim, California

In late October ( 25-30) I attended AECT "Association for Educational Communications and Technology" conference in Anaheim, California, US. 

This year's conference theme was:  Cyber Change: Learning in Our Connected World. It was very related to what I am researching in my dissertation which is about open and networked learning in a networked world. The conference covered various topics and themes regarding new technology applications in education and learning. 

The conference was very well-organized and I enjoyed the whole programs. It was a great experience for me to develop my professional networking.  In addition to attending some good sessions about researching on social media and web 2.0, social networks, personal learning environments,  learning networks , I  found some people who are working and researching in my area of research whose comments to my research were very helpful.  
There were different types of presentations and very useful workshops of which I really enjoyed the workshop about " using cutting-edge technology to improve qualitative research and evaluation" by Rick West ( Brigham Young University). This presentations was also great: " social leaning linkage model for open network learning environment (ONLE) and PLE" by Chih-Hsiung Tu & Michael Blocher ( Northern Arizona University). 

I also attended a workshop by David Merrill where he was talking about new approaches in instructional design and some principles of instruction "e^3 (effective, efficient, engaging) Instruction."  

There were also such good programs for graduate students ( faculty/student mentor program, intern program) which of course, I  would have wished to be in one the them!

AECT is a prominent association for promotion technology in education and learning. It has published some books of which two are more important: Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology  and Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary
It is also publishing several journals including: Educational Technology Research and Development , TechTrends - Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, Instructional Science and Quarterly Review of Distance Education. Here is the list of its publications. 

The 2011 AECT international conference 'Celebrate 3.0: Design.Learn.Community' will be in Jacksonville, Florida , on November 8-12.

There are some few photos of  the conference here in my Flickr.