Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ed-Media Conference 2011 in Lisbon!

From June 28th to July 1st I attended ED-Media Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a great event to meet people working in the area of my research especially keynotes: Alec Couros, George Siemens, Erik Duval, Martin Weller and some other scholars talking about the impact of emerging and networking technologies on our today’s teaching and learning practices and how open and networked learning is important in the current era of openness and connectedness.   

Alec Couros’ keynote was about " Why Networked Learning Matters". I haven’t met him personally but, I’ve been in one of his open courses already last year which was inspiring and I liked it. From that and some other (massive) open online courses by George Siemens and Stephen Downes I became more interested in this area and shifted my research focus more into open and networked learning. We met shortly in Ed-Media11 but we couldn’t manage to have a conversation though. Maybe some other time….
Erik Duval was presenting about “The Importance of Being Open”. I met him also in the TEL Summer School in June in Crete where he also presented something about learning analytics and the importance of ‘attention’.

There was a keynote debate about the importance of digital scholarship and how emerging technologies will transform our education and scholarship in the near future? The debtors were Martin Weller (for): "This house believes that in the next decade, digital scholarship (in open journals, blogs, and social media) will achieve the same status in academic settings as traditional scholarship" and Antonio Dias de Figueiredo (against), and George Siemens ( moderator). 

The last day keynote was by Andrew Law from the Open University ( UK) about "Bringing Social Into Learning By Open Media".   
I also enjoyed the “Graduate Student Program” which included different sessions and presentations covering various topics from theoretical perspectives in research to methodological choices, practical issues to be successful in research and how to publish.
The whole conference and especially the keynotes were useful for me to develop my dissertation research and to get networking with more people in this area.  

There were quite many social and sharing activities online by participants in different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare etc.  But, tweeting was number one favorable online interaction (as in many academic events).  According to the social media team of the conference there were about 3745 tweets by Hashtag #edmedia11. Here is the statistic of the tweets.
Here are all resources and URLs related to Ed-Media 11 collected by Paulo Simoes in  

Participants of the "Graduate Student Program"