Friday, December 03, 2010

What Wordle could say about your writing and thinking?!

I just created a "word cloud" by Wordle from my blog today and found this:

Wordle: Learning

It highlights what I am more thinking and writing about in my blog. Here is a fancy analysis of this Wordle: "Learning" is my big concern as it shows in the picture. Just right underneath it is saying that I am researching and enjoying kind of "Open" ( education & learning ) mediated by  " Technology"  and various "Social" ( media) in a “Networked” way by joining " free education" and focusing on "Informal" (learning). 

That's true; however, there is a big "conference" there as well which, perhaps shouldn't be that big (just because of some posts about different conferences!). The other bigger ones are “social” and “online” which make sense and are my concerns too but, I am wondering how small “theories” or learning theories is! Maybe the smallest one!  It makes me a bit more think about it.

The highlighted terms show my focus and the scope of my dissertation research somehow. 

This post was just for fun but, it is also worth mentioning that even a fun tool like Wordle can tell us something about our thinking and its directions. I think it is useful sometimes we put our text into Wordle to get some ideas.