Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Constructivist and Connectivist Learning and Knowledge

In #PLENK2010 (Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge), one of the topics of discussion in Elluminate live session was about the distinct between Constructivism and Connectivism learning and knowledge.
George Siemens and Stephen Downes, the developers of Connectivism, discussed some issues there. A 15 minutes audio clip excerpt from that conversation is available here.

By D'Arcy Norman

Viplav Baxi, one of the #PLENK2010 participantsin his blog has a post discussing  Connectivist and Constructivist PLEs. There, he discusses that is the PLE ( Personal Learning Environment) a connectivist construct or a constructivist construct? Or both? Or neither, just influenced by many theories? It could be worthwhile to consider two interpretations :

  1. PLEs are some combination of constructivist as well as connectivist ideas/principles, or
  2. There exist two unique types of PLEs – constructivist and connectivist.